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A Finn a day makes one weak
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Amanda [userpic]

I'm posting this entry quite frankly because I dont know what happened to the owner of the community. I'm still a maintainer but I didnt create this community. If anyone knows anything... let me know please. For the next few days I'm going to be out of the state, so that means I cannot update. I dont know when I will be back. I would seriously appreciate it if anyone has any means of contacting the owner. Thank you


Sings for the band Megaphone.
Behind his banck his band mates call him Barbie Bardot.
Motto: "If it don't glitter, it ain't a precious rock!"

Official Website

Born January 14, 1966
Is vocals and plays bass for the band Tarot and Nightwish.

Official Tarot Website
Official Nightwish Website

Plays guitar for Flinch.

Official Website

Amanda [userpic]

Born October 17th 1979 in Espo Finland
* Is a formula one race car driver for Scuderia Ferrari
* He finished runner-up in the Formula One World Drivers' Championship in 2003 and 2005. 
* He has driven for Sauber-Petronas (2001) and Team McLaren-Mercedes (2002-2006) and has signed a 3-year deal with Ferrari for the 2007 through 2009 seasons.
* Räikkönen had a long line of success in karting from the age of ten, including placing second in the 1999 European Formula Super A championship. 
* He also competed that year in the Formula Ford Euro Cup, and by the age of twenty, he had won the British Formula Renault Winter series, winning the first four races of the year.
* In 2000, he dominated the Formula Renault UK Championship, where he won seven of ten events.

Kimi Räikkönen Official Site

Born January 21st 1985 in Tampere, Finland.
Singer for the band Uniklubi. His older brother Janne is also in the band.

Official Website
Official MySpace

Former singer of To/Die/For now sings for Reflection and For My Pain.

Official Website for Reflection
Official Website for For My Pain

Amanda [userpic]

Pictured above is a classic piece of art, typical of the author.

* Tom of Finland (born
Touko Laaksonen on May 8th 1920) was raised in the village of Kaarina, Finland.
* At the age of nineteen, he moved to Helsinki to attend art college and, for his own personal enjoyment, created his first homoerotic drawings.
* Served in the army during WWII. 
* In 1957 Touko decided to publish his drawings under the pseudonym Tom of Finland. 
* His images were an immediate success, followed by the publication of numerous booklets and anthologies and have been displayed in museums since 1973.
* Over the course of four decades he produced 3500 illustrations, mostly featuring men with heavily muscled torsos, limbs, and buttocks, and large penises.
* In the late 90's the Tom of Finland company released a line of clothing in his honor.
* Tom of Finland passed away on November 7th, 1991.

Tom of Finland Foundation

Born May 11, 1984 in Kuopio, Finland.
Is a ski jumper who has competed sense 2002.

Official Website

Amanda [userpic]

Born Jukka Antero Nevalainen a.k.a Julius on April 21st 1978.

* Plays drums for Nightwish. 
* Lives with his wife Satu, daughter Luna (born 2003), and son Niki (born 2005) in Joensuu, Finland. 
* Started drumming at age 11. 
* Always wears his bandana.
* Is a vegetarian.

Official Nightwish website

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